Fashion… and pearls?

Coleman Douglas PearlsHere at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have pearl necklaces , pearl bracelets , pearl earrings , pearl cufflinks , pearl tiepins , pearl scarfs and many other pearl accessories perfect for every season.

As fashion trends come and go in an instance it is hard to keep up. Therefore it is vital you have the 2 main wardrobe ingredients.

The LBD (Little Black Dress) and Pearls!

Both of these are essential for every girl no matter what her style.

Pearls are a mainstay and immune to the vagaries of fashion.’ – Chrissie Douglas.Coleman Douglas Pearls

Every year we see pearls floating down the Red Carpet, and this years Grammy Award Ceremony was no exception, with pearls on dresses and in jewellery.

If you are planning on attending a Red Carpet event, or would like some Red Carpet pearl jewellery then how about the pearl earrings on the right.
Made from White 18ct Gold, Diamonds and Tahitian Pearls these earrings are sure to get you noticed for the right reasons.

These pearl earrings can be worn in 4 different ways:
As a Diamond stud.
A Diamond stud with a Tahitian Pearl drop.
A Diamond stud with Diamond drops.
A Diamond stud with diamond drops and a single Tahitian Pearl.
The secure clip behind the stud allows you to easily change the look of the earrings in seconds.

If you would like to see more ‘Red Carpet’ pearls or would like to have some bespoke jewellery made, pop into our Pearl Showroom situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX.

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