New Year….New You?

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Have you decided what you are giving or taking up in 2014?
How about wearing Pearls?
A pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl earrings, or maybe some pearl accessories.

‘The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens’ – Anonymous

An adaptation of the story, ‘The Pearl NecklaceColeman Douglas Pearls

“Oh mummy…look!”
Polly’s eyes were transfixed by the small little bead necklace in the toy shop window.
“Mummy please, please can I have it?”
The mother gazed down at the price of the bead necklace, £3.
“Have you saved up enough pocket money?”
Polly opened her little purse and began to slowly count out her 20p coins.
“£1.18, I don’t have enough.”
“Don’t worry Polly, if you save up a bit more pocket money you’ll be able to buy the bead necklace.

The Coleman Douglas Pearlsday had come, and as Polly exchanged her money for the little bead necklace, the largest smile graced the face of the 5 year old. She loved the necklace, wearing it everywhere, playing in the park, going to school, having a bath and even to bed! She felt so special and grown up every time she looked at them.

Polly’s father adored her. Every night he tucks her into bed and kisses her goodnight. But tonight was different. After he had tucked her into bed he asked, “Do you love me?”
“Then give me your bead necklace.”
“Oh not my necklace…you can have beauty, she’s my favorite horse.” Rolling over she picked up her beloved white toy horse and handed it to her daddy.
“That’s okay, Daddy loves you. Good night.’
A week later the exact same thing happened again.
“Do you love me Polly”
“Then give me your bead necklace.”
“Oh not my necklace… you can have Princess, I’ve just been given her from granny and she is so pretty.” Rolling over she picked up her beloved dolly and handed it to her daddy.
“That’s okay, Daddy loves you. Good night.’

A few nights later when her father Coleman Douglas Pearlscame to tuck Polly up in bed he found her sat crossed legged on her bed, chin trembling with a single silent tear rolling down her cheek.
“What’s wrong Polly”
Without saying anything Polly lifted her small hand up to her father. As she opened it there was the little bead necklace.
In a tiny voice she said, “It’s for you daddy.”
As he father looked down at her a big smile appeared on his face, and with one hand he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small brown box with the most beautiful Akoya Pearl necklace inside.
He had had the pearl necklace in his pocket the whole time but was just waiting for her to give up the £3 bead necklace so that he could give her genuine treasure.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
So…what will you be giving and taking up this New Year?

If you would like to join Polly in collecting treasure then pop into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will be happy to help you find the perfect pearls for you.

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