How do I choose?!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Everyday it seems there are more and more choices to be made and less and less time to make them!
We at Coleman Douglas Pearls would like to make at lease 1 choice a lot easier…Buying Pearls!
Whether you are looking for a pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl earrings, pearl ring, pearl cufflinks, or a pearl accessory, there are 6 very important areas to consider.

Firstly Lustre. This is vitally Coleman Douglas Pearlsimportant when picking pearls as it is the lustre that helps enhance the beauty of the wearer. A dull pearl, no matter how big or small, will always look heavy and dull to the eye.
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls all of our pearls are picked individually for their stunning pearl lustre.Coleman Douglas Pearls

The second point to consider is the thickness of nacre. The thicker the better!
When looking at the pearl, or pearls, in question it is best to roll them around on a plain white surface in front of you, to check that there are no areas ‘blinking’ at you. If there are that is a clear indicator that the nacre is very thin in that area.Coleman Douglas Pearls

Colour is important.
The wrong colour pearls might look ok, but why settle for ok when you can have stunning!
When looking at a girl wearing pearls you want to see the girl first and then the pearls, not the other way around.
Our Pearl Team are on hand to help you choose the perfect pearls from our large array of pearl strands.

Coleman Douglas Pearls

Pearls come in a variety of shapes. Take for example our Freshwater Pearl Tie Pin!
There is no set rule about which shapes suit which girl, but usually if a girl has fine features then round pearls will suit her best. If the girl has quirky features then look at more baroque pearls.Coleman Douglas Pearls

With Surface perfection a few marks will give the pearls the hallmark of genuineness, but very blemished pearls have less value.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
The last ‘ingredient’ is size. Not every girl can carry off a large pearl necklace. It is important to bare in mind the girl’s fame and height.

Pop into our Pearl Showroom where we will be able to assist you further with purchasing the perfect pearls for you.

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