Fashion storms Supermarket Sweep!

Shopping baskets, trollies and food… not exactly what you would expect to see coming down the Autumn/Winter 2014/15 catwalks! Yet that is exactly what the Coleman Douglas Pearls team saw.

The main culprits…Chanel, Anya Hindmarch and Moschino.

As you entered the Chanel show you Chanel Foodwere hit with a very familiar scene of a supermarket, complete with isles bursting with food, drink and over sized Chanel purfumes, as well as colourful fruit and vegetable displays.
If it had not been for the people collecting tickets on the door, one might have thought they had walked into Whole Foods!
As the show begun models started to walk around carrying baskets or pushing shopping trollies, doing their weekly shop! A somewhat different look to the usual classic Chanel style!
Chanel shop
Fancy incorporating the Chanel ‘shopping style’ into your everyday look? If you do, we at Coleman Douglas Pearls have a Freshwater Pearl Lariat, available in a variety of colours. The perfect shopping companion. Join us at our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, to see more of our pearl jewellery.

Custard Cream biscuits, KelloggsAnya Hindmarch Kornflakes and Crisp Packets… isle 3 in Sainsberry’s?….no it’s the Anya Hindmarch Fashion Show!!
The catwalk was a conveyor belt of items off your shopping list transformed into clutches, tote bags and accessories. From ‘Tony the Tiger’ (Frosties) tote bag to a Digestive Biscuit clutch, this show was a celebration of playful colour and outrageous joy.
Emma Watson obviously loved this collection as she chose the metalic crisp packet clutch to accompany her Oscar outfit. But who will be the first to go down The Red Carpet with a Daz or Ariel washing powder box purse?!

You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve left the best till last….Moschino!
Having seen the shows above we were ready to see another celebration of food and colour. Moschino did not disappoint!
The show opened with an explosion of colour as models walked down the catwalk in extraordinary sweety and chocolate wrapper dresses, MacDonald inspired outfits with Happy Meal handbags and of course Sponge Bob Square Pants !!!

Who knows where fashion will take us next….maybe to the Moon!

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