Mix Things Up!

Want to look effortlessly chic and timeless?
You are reading the right blog!
Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Pixie Lott as well as several other celebrities show us how easy it is to do. …Just add PEARLS!

Traditionally when you think of a pearl necklace you Summer 1instantly picture a round white pearl strand, perhaps graduated. However, recently people have been getting creative with their pearl strands, mixing coloured pearls together for a play on the timeless classic look…to great effect.
Take for example Michelle Obama, seen here wearing her mixed golden South Sea and dark metallic Tahitian Pearl 3 strand necklace.
The pearls are classic yet the look is modern giving her outfit an air of mystery…the perfect accessory for The Whitehouse!

Kiera Knightley
And Michelle isn’t alone in mixing pearls.

To accompany her outfit on the Red Carpet Keira Knightley chose a baroque Tahitian and South Sea pearl mixed necklace.
The irregular shape of the pearls play beautifully with the mixture of monachrome metallic colours.

Fancy your own multi-coloured necklace? Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, where a member of out Pearl Team will help you find the perfect mix of pearls.

More of an earrings type of girl?

How about wearing one white South Sea pearl stud and one dark Tahitian pearl stud like Olivia Palermo did.
Wearing mixed pearl studs is a fun simple way to ‘jazz up’ any outfit, whether you are at The Whitehouse, on the Red Carpet or just doing a bit of shopping.

Have fun Mixing things up!

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