Fun Feather Flurry! – Try saying that a few times!

The Coleman Douglas Pearl team have seen a rise in the popularity of feathers over the last fashion month, so much so that we thought we’d show you our favourite feathery creations!
Fendi, Oscar de la Renta and Zazo & Brull, 3 shows that showcased their fabulous feathery flamboyance over the fashion weeks.

Fendi:feathers FendiDresses, Tops, Skirts even handbags, feathers were the essential ingredient, with the feathers ranging in colour from white to black, and pink to blue.
The playful collection might not be the most practical, just think what would happen if the wind blew!, but the collection certainly makes a young fun feminine statement.

Oscar de la Renta:feathers Oscar de la RentaIn this show, unlike Fendi, the clothes were accessorized with monochrome coloured feathers. The detailing varied from intense feather striped skirts to delicately placed single feathers in the white dress above.

Zazo & Brull:feathers Zazo & BrullThis was one of the best ‘feather’ shows around! There was an entire maxi dress made out of pink feathers while other models wore bright blue feather necklaces and the men wore feather printed tops. It was a Feather Frenzy!

feathers Julianne Moore
But do people really wear these feather creations outside of the fashion weeks?


A few months ago we saw Julianne Moore on The Red Carpet wearing a beautiful pearl and feather long embellished gown.

Fancy joining the feather fun, but feel a full feather dress might not… fit your lifestyle?!
If this is so then our ‘Light as a Feather‘ collection was made for you!
L.F collection
Like Oscar de la Renta we kept the colours to a minimum using dramatic black and white ostrich feathers alongside black and white freshwater pearls.
The collection is made up of cuffs, chokers, lassos, and delicate necklaces.
Check out the full collection at our Pearl Showroom, located at 42  Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX.


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