Paddington Bear…Just so British!

Paddington Bear 1
Many of you, like the Pearl Team at Coleman Douglas Pearls, will have grown up hearing the tales of Paddington Bear who made his way to London after a deadly earthquake destroyed his home in the Peruvian rainforest. Dubbed ‘Paddington’, after the London train station he found himself to be at, he moved in with the Brown family.

Recently released on the Big Screen, there was a pearl treat in-store for all those pearl’aficionados out there watching the film.

paddington bear 2
 Mrs Brown’s grey freshwater pearl studs!

Mrs Mary Brown, played by Sally Hawkins, wore the pearl studs throughout the film proving that pearls are the ideal accessory no matter what the occasion…from walking through Paddington Station to being trapped in the Natural History Museum to scaling rooftops!

Paddington bear 6Are you in need of a pair of studs?
For a pair similar to the ones Sally Hawkins wore, you will need our Freshwater pearl grey studs on sterling silver backs.
Alternatively you could choose a white or pink pair.
Call into our Pearl Center to find the ideal ones to suit you.

paddington bear 3Fun British Facts:

Did you know that the fictional Paddington Bear was actually based upon a real teddy?!
Michael Bond, author or Paddington Bear, saw a teddy “left on a shelf in a London shop and felt sorry for it” on Christmas Eve 1956. Buying it he took it home and gave it to his wife Brenda. Living near Paddington Station at the time, Bond aptly named the bear Paddington…a British legend is created!

Princess Anne
Another fun British fact is that all the pearl jewellery featured on our website is designed and made in our Knightsbridge studio in London, and having hosted Princess Anne, Anna Chancellor, James May, and several other celebrities, you never know who might bump into!

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