The look of love

Valentines 1
Roses are red
Violates are blue
Pearls are perfect… you know it’s true.

What makes pearl jewellery the ideal Valentine’s Day gift to give?

Perhaps it’s the fact that they symbolise beauty and purity. Then again maybe it is the fact that they are a timeless gem that will never go out of fashion.

‘Pearls are always appropriate’ – Jacqueline Kennedy

Valentines 2
Over the years we have seen pearls included in a wide range of romantic films. From the action packed film ‘Hunger Games – Catching Fire’ starring Jennifer Lawrence, ‘Girl with the Pearl Earrings’ starring Scarlett Johansson, and the emotional roller coaster film ‘I am Love’ starring Tilda Swinton, seen on the right.

It seems no matter where pearls are love seems to follow them.

As Valentine’s Day is less than a week away the Coleman Douglas Pearl team have compiled a few pearl treats that every girl would love.

pearl ribbons close upOur ribbon and freshwater pearl spacers are always popular as the strand can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or hair accessory. Coming in a variety of different ribbon colours you are sure to find the colour that best suits the lucky girl.

Valentines 3
Our double drop pearl earrings are a fun play on the classic white freshwater pearl drop earrings.

The white freshwater pearls keep the design looking timeless while the double drops add a modern twist. Set on sterling silver these earrings come in a range of other colours from solid grey to a mixture of peacock black and white.

Monroe 4
Finding it hard to say ‘I Love You’ for the first time? Let our bracelet help you out.
Our bracelet has freshwater pearls positioned to spell ‘I Love You’ in Morse Code…bet she wouldn’t be expecting that!
The bracelet can be worn flat to spell out the secret message of twisted to keep it secret.

Valentines 4
Feeling your relationship is progressing to the next step? …ENGAGEMENT?!
If it is then you must check out our stunning engagement rings. From classic diamond solitaire rings to large diamond and sapphire ring clusters. Make an appointment with us today to find the dream ring.

To see more or our pearl collections call into out Pearl Showroom where we will celebrating Valentine’s Day by serving Champagne all week.

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