Are you Eggstatic?

Easter 1It’s that time of year when eggs are everywhere, including our Pearl Showroom window – How many can you spot?
Large or small, solid or hollow, 80% dark chocolate or sweeter than sweet white chocolate.
Easter is a choc’o’holics haven, and now a pearl’o’holics dream!
A New Faberge egg has just been released which is covered in pearls. The first egg created in the ‘Imperial Class’ since 1917, it’s exterior is mother-of-pearl with a beautiful grey pearl of 12.17 carats found inside.

Easter 5The first Faberge egg, called ‘Hen’, was designed and made for Empress Maria Fedorovna as a gift from Tsar Alexander III. Also known as the Jeweled Hen Egg, it was the first in a series of 54 jeweled eggs made for the Russian Imperial family. It is said that the Tsarina loved the egg so much that a new egg from Fabergé was ordered for his wife every Easter thereafter.
Easter 2

Questions: Which was created first? The hen or the egg?

For arguments sake our Pearl Team have decided the hen! And in celebration of this answer we have put together a few of our winged pearl creature designs.

Easter 3
The Peacock Pin
Now everyone knows that peacocks are rather proud animals, although if you had a stunning multi-coloured tail that fanned out I’m sure you would wear it with pride, and now you can!

Made up of amethyst, aquamarine, peridot and peacock black freshwater seed pearls, the tail of this peacock pin gently sways as the wearer moves. The detailed torso of the peacock is made up of sterling silver which highlights the bright colours of the semi-precious stones.

Easter 4
The Blue Bird Pin
This unique petite pin is made up of a bird shaped tahitian pearl attached to an 18ct yellow gold branch detailed pin.

Whatever you find sitting on the table this Easter Sunday morning, be it a Chocolate or Faberge egg, we wish you a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you at our Pearl Showroom soon.

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