Cutting ‘Edge’ Stuff!

EdgeLouis Vuitton and Coleman Douglas Pearls have a link… Mr Les Edge!
All you budding pearl’o’holics and rugby fans will have seen Les Edge’s work not only on the CDPearls Advent Calendar Christmas Card, but also on the luxury Louis Vuitton travel case holding the Webb Ellis Rugby World Cup.

Edge 1Check him out mid-way through painting the New Zealand flag above, and the beautifully painted exterior of our shop for our Pearl Company‘s Card.
Think that’s the only ‘Edgey’ link? Well you thought wrong!
Ben Edge, Les Edge’s son, helped us put together our website and his company created the ‘Behind the Scenes‘ film!
Check it out to discover what we get up to at Coleman Douglas Pearls, or alternatively call into our Shop where you’ll see for yourself the abundant creativity. Creativity that has sparked collections containing lava stone, leather, wood, felt and many other unusual materials alongside pearls.

Edge 2To celebrate New Zealand winning the Rugby World Cup, and the joys of watching fireworks rocketing into the air, our Pearl Team thought this was the perfect opportunity to …BRING OUT THE STARS!
Now before you throw your hands up in the air and exclaim that pearls are not available in the shape of stars, just look at the 3 strand freshwater pearl star shaped bracelet on the left!

Pearl Talk image
Interested to find out how they are made?
Join us for one of our Pearl Talks, where our Pearl Guru will guide you through the history of pearls, how and where they are made, how to choose the perfect pearls for you and much much more.

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