FrozenThe film that has had every child under 98 years old singing along to the classic theme tune, ‘Let it Go’…let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…let it.. (sorry I got swept up in the song!)
Do not fear I am not about to give you a running commentary on how awesome the film is, however I am going to tell you a few fun facts.
Firstly, Coleman Douglas Pearls has an almost identical snowflake pendant necklace, which I’m sure Elsa would approve of. Secondly, has it ever crossed your mind how similar round white pearl studs look to snow balls?!

Our Pearl Team thought it would be fun to compile a winter wonderland collection inspired by all things Frozen.

And fear not, for there is something in everyone’s price range!

Our diamond star earrings with large south sea pearl drops are an elegant addition to any outfit.
The diamond clusters sparkle like snowflakes dispersing a gentle glow and colour, while the South Sea pearl rich luster adds weight and depth.

Frozen 1
Perhaps you would prefer a freshwater seed pearl necklace with a sterling silver and crystal snowflake pendant?

…The Elsa Necklace! You can’t really get any more ‘Frozen’ than that!
We also have a few other snowflake pendants attached onto other freshwater pearl designed necklaces.

Xmas 2010 snow main
To see our full collection of ‘Frozen’ jewellery call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX.

Whatever you feel this January we hope, that you will  join Elsa saying ‘…the cold never bothered me anyway!!!!’

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