The Weekend…a Jane Austen extravaganza!

Emma 1Stop what you’re doing and start packing the picnic! The sun is out, the Bank Holiday Weekend is underway, and on Monday the theatre company ‘Foot in the Door’ will be performing a number of scenes from the well known and loved novel ‘Emma’. Oh and you might chance upon a few Coleman Douglas Pearl jewels being worn by the leading lady!
Emma 3
As many Austen enthusiasts will know already, it is the 200th anniversary of the publication of ‘Emma’.
So what would be more fitting then watching the novel come to life in the Jane Austen Museum Gardens, the very same gardens where the play was originally first imagined.  For more information on the performance click here.

Pearl Family 4
Fancy owning one of our Ribbon and Freshwater Pearl spacers like the one Emma is wearing above?

Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where we have a wide variety of ribbon colours to choose from.

Pearls were extremely popular during the Georgian Period. Their popularity might be due to the fact that they symbolise purity, wisdom, beauty and wealth, 4 very important qualities for a single girl to portray at the time.
Below we have selected 2 popular classic designs that have been spotted in several Jane Austen productions.

The Pearl Necklace:FWMed Prl NE
A single strand pearl necklace was extremely popular, as it drew attention to the wearer’s long neck.
Throughout the BBC adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ you can see Jane Bennett and Charlotte Lucas wearing their pearl necklaces to the local Balls.
Our Pearl Company have a diverse range of classic pearl strand necklaces to choose from, from a classic Akoya pearl necklace to an edgy Tahitian pearl necklace.

3226 ss website.1
The Pearl Earrings:
Pearl drop earrings were ideal for this time in history due to the fixed ringlet hairstyles, and the fact that they exuded femininity.
In the BBC adaptation of ‘Emma’ you can see Emma wearing delicate pearl drop earrings in nearly every scene.

However you decide to fill your Bank Holiday Weekend we wish you a very happy 3 day rest.


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