Wedding Season

Valentines 4Our team at Coleman Douglas Pearls have decided that wedding season is well and truly here! Whether its been gentleman searching for engagement rings, Brides-to-be looking for bridesmaids gifts, wedding party members looking for accessories or even the very romantic gentlemen searching for a special gift for their fiance to open on the day, we have had it all! Pearls are definitely proving popular as the must have accessory for the Big Day.

1718 HIGH RESPearls are the perfect choice for a wedding as the subtle glow of the pearls gently compliments your skin while lightening up your smile, making sure you look your best for the Main Event! This means that whether you are holding an achingly modern city reception, gorgeous countryside retreat, exotic holiday location or even a fun theme … pearls are the perfect bridal accessory. Earrings have been highly in demand, ranging from our classic freshwater pearl studs to our higher end Akoya and South Sea earrings we have a range to suit everyone.

wedding blog ea

Queen and Prince 3Our pearl necklaces won’t be outdone though! From simple pendant drops to more statement pieces, if you bring a picture of your dress we can find the perfect match for your outfits neckline. Pearls have many different hues and we aim to find the best colour to suit your skin tone and colouring. You don’t even need the lady in question present, just bring a good clear photo and we can work our magic. We also offer a similar pearl matching service, if you bring in an item of pearl jewellery that you already own we (a family necklace for example) we will find you its perfect colour match if you were looking to get matching earrings and vice versa!

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wedding blog menAnd Gentlemen do not fear – we can cater to your big day needs as well! With a range of cufflinks and tie pins there is no need to feel left out of the fun. Our pearl jewellery shop is located at 42 Beauchamp place, London. So be sure to pop by – there may even be a cold glass of champagne waiting to toast the happy couple . . .

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