People and Pearls

PearlsEvery year we see a feast of pearls gracing the Red Carpet, TV, Film and the High Street. Pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces, pearl rings, pearl accessories and even celebrity pearl encrusted faces…Lady Gaga!
What is it about Pearls that lure people into wearing them?
Why have Pearls never gone out of fashion?
How can you achieve Hollywood pearl glam without the price tag?
Symbolising purity, wisdom, beauty and wealth, men and women throughout history have been drawn to pearls. Their story is full of symbolism and romance. From Julius Caesar’s love of pearls, which is said to have been a contributing factor to his invasion of England in 55BC, to Phillip II of Spain giving Mary Tudor as a wedding gift the Peregrina pearl, which became the most highly regarded jewel of the 16th century.

PearlsThe main beauty of pearls lies in the fact that they glow, reflecting their beauty onto the wearer. This has been recognised since the beginning of civilisation with style leaders throughout time favouring them above other gems.
Such style leaders included Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, the French Empress Eugenie, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Kristin Scott Thomas, Anna Wintour and Miranda Kerr, to name but a few.
From the small selection of style leaders above, you can see that pearls have always been in fashion, and they will continue to be. For who wouldn’t want to wear a gem that makes you continuously look good?!

PearlsA woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.’ – Coco Chanel

To achieve Hollywood Pearl glam you need Pearls!
So that the Pearls make you look as good as possible it is important for you to choose the pearl that suits you the best in colour, size and shape.
Large round white pearls do not suit everyone.

Coleman Douglas PearlsHere at Coleman Douglas Pearls we pride ourselves on finding the perfect pearls for everyone, no matter what your age, and with our prices starting at £12.50 for a freshwater pearl ribbon spacer, pearls are affordable to everyone.
Pop into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will be happy to guide you to the perfect pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl accessory or pearl earrings for you.

Pearls…what more do you need?!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Pearls , Pearls , Pearls!
Pearls are timeless.
Pearls are elegant.
Pearls are an aphrodisiac.
Pearls are Perfection!
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we are passionate about finding the perfect pearls for you.Coleman Douglas Pearls

Our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, is full of stunning pearl designs. From the timeless classic Akoya Pearl strand to the Tahitian Pearl and Leather ‘Warrior’ cuff, your dream jewellery awaits you!
Kristin Scott Thomas wearing Coleman Douglas Pearls Jewellery

Pearls are the oldest gem known to man, playing a central role down the centuries in style and refinement.
Many style leaders throughout time have favoured pearls, such as Cleopatra, Mary Tudor,
Catherine the Great of Russia, Coco Chanel,
Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Anna Wintour, Emilia Fox,
Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, to name but a few!Coleman Douglas Pearls

Pearls are part and parcel of everyday dressing sensibly. They are not solely glitzy adornments but ones which are accessible to everyone and so they should be.’ – Jenny Kingsley

Chrissie DouglasWhen I asked our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, why she loves pearls so much she replied,
‘I love the fact that the pearl lustre makes their wearer automatically look radiant. I also love the fact that Pearls always take a back seat never outshining their owner and always enhancing her.
Pearls are the ultimate in understated elegance.’

If you would like to learn Coleman Douglas Pearlsmore about Pearls, how and where they are made, the different types of pearls, what to look for when buying pearls, and much much more, then come to one of our fascinating Pearl Talks which have received wonderful feedback and are often oversubscribed. Or maybe you would prefer to come to our Pearl Talk happening at Fortnum and Mason over a delicious Tea.

Are you Ready?!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
This weekend looks to be anything but relaxed! What with the Wimbledon and Henley finals.
How are you going to cope?!
First things first, throw out the worry beads and put on those Pearls, you might as well look beautiful and stylish while coping with the intense competition unfolding on screen!

Pearls are known for Coleman Douglas Pearlsbeing a symbol of purity, wisdom, beauty and wealth, but the main beauty of pearls lie in the fact that they glow and therefore enharnce their wearer’s beauty.
This has been recognised since the beginning of civilisation with style leaders throughout time, such as Cleopatra, Mary Tudor, Queen Elizabeth I, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, the late Princess Diana, Kristin Scott Thomas, Anna Wintour and Angelina Jolie all favouring pearls.

‘I feel undressed if I don’t have my pearls on. My pearls are my security blanket.’ – Lady Sarah Churchill

Rihanna wearing pearlsIt seems that Rihanna agrees with the quote from Lady Sarah Churchill, turning up at the Chanel show on Wednesday in just an oversized cardigan and multiple pearl strands!
In Vanity Fair Rihanna’s outfit was described as “several strands of pearls, last night’s smoky eye, and … what appears to be a barely buttoned nightgown.”

Pearls have the ability to look perfect with anything from jeans to a red carpet dress.’ – Chrissie Douglas

Now we do not suggest that Coleman Douglas Pearlsyou start waltzing around outside in a ‘barely buttoned nightgown’, but we do encourage you to wear your pearls as much as possible, as the natural oils in your skin help to keep the pearls moisturised.

If you would like to learn more about how to preserve the life of your pearls, how and where pearls are made, the different varieties of pearls, how to choose the best pearls for you and much more, then join us for one of our Pearl Talks happening throughout the year at our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX.

Good morning Akoya Pearls!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Fancy yourself in PEARLS?
Well get in line!
Style leaders throughout history have been lusting after them. From Cleopatra to Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe to Anna Wintour!

‘I keep a strand of pearls in my purse, and throw them on whenever I need to dress up my outfit.’ – Taylor Swift

When you think of pearls you Coleman Douglas Pearlsprobably think of the classic ‘Twin set and Pearl’ look.
Akoya Pearls are perfect for this classic style.
Ranging in size from 3mm to 10mm, these pearls are formed in Oysters.
Taking a spherical mother of pearl bead, it is implanted into the oyster alongside an epithelial cell graft.
Akoya pearl bearing oysters must be around 3 years old before they are able to host a pearl successfully.

Coleman Douglas PearlsAkoya pearls are normally found in all shades of white from very pure white through pale pink to golden tones.

We have a wonderful array of Akoya Pearl strands in a variety of different colour tones and pearl sizes.
Come to our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will be happy to guide you around all the different designs.
Akoya Pearl Earrings
Do you have jewellery that you never wear?
Jewellery that needs re-stringing?
Jewellery designs that you wish existed?
If so make an appointment with our Designer and begin to take pleasure in wearing the jewellery again.

With a week to go till Father’s Day time is running out to find that perfect gift.

Coleman Douglas PearlsInstead of buying him another book that he will read and then throw away, why not purchase a pair of simple, elegant pearl cufflinks.
Made out of sterling silver with a freshwater pearl, these cufflinks are a lovely alternative to the plain metallic ones he usually wears.

For more Father’s Day gift ideas call into our Pearl Showroom or check out our ‘Pearls for Men‘ collection on our website.