Pearls…what more do you need?!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Pearls , Pearls , Pearls!
Pearls are timeless.
Pearls are elegant.
Pearls are an aphrodisiac.
Pearls are Perfection!
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we are passionate about finding the perfect pearls for you.Coleman Douglas Pearls

Our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, is full of stunning pearl designs. From the timeless classic Akoya Pearl strand to the Tahitian Pearl and Leather ‘Warrior’ cuff, your dream jewellery awaits you!
Kristin Scott Thomas wearing Coleman Douglas Pearls Jewellery

Pearls are the oldest gem known to man, playing a central role down the centuries in style and refinement.
Many style leaders throughout time have favoured pearls, such as Cleopatra, Mary Tudor,
Catherine the Great of Russia, Coco Chanel,
Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Anna Wintour, Emilia Fox,
Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, to name but a few!Coleman Douglas Pearls

Pearls are part and parcel of everyday dressing sensibly. They are not solely glitzy adornments but ones which are accessible to everyone and so they should be.’ – Jenny Kingsley

Chrissie DouglasWhen I asked our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, why she loves pearls so much she replied,
‘I love the fact that the pearl lustre makes their wearer automatically look radiant. I also love the fact that Pearls always take a back seat never outshining their owner and always enhancing her.
Pearls are the ultimate in understated elegance.’

If you would like to learn Coleman Douglas Pearlsmore about Pearls, how and where they are made, the different types of pearls, what to look for when buying pearls, and much much more, then come to one of our fascinating Pearl Talks which have received wonderful feedback and are often oversubscribed. Or maybe you would prefer to come to our Pearl Talk happening at Fortnum and Mason over a delicious Tea.

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