Fabulous, Fresh and Free! 3 things that most people aspire to be. Our Coleman Douglas Pearls London Team have been busy getting together the ingredients to help you on your way to a F.F.F February! The 3 main ingredients? Pearls, Acai Berries and Pearls... pearls are doubly important which is why they have been included... Continue Reading →

New Year…New You?

Happy New Year! How are all the New Year resolutions going, going, gone?! Well to help you take your mind off the 'New Year List' I thought I'd let you know a fantastic beauty secret that will transform your look. If you haven't guessed yet...I'm talking about Pearls! Throughout history men and women from all... Continue Reading →

Easter Eggs…..Easter Pearls

'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips' - a saying that haunts us every time we reach for another bite of that delicious, mouth watering chocolate Egg! This year instead of purchasing chocolate eggs that will, let's be honest not last more than a day, choose pearls that will last forever! Take... Continue Reading →

Inner and Outer well being.

Still trying to decide what to give your family and friends this Christmas? Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have pearl jewellery suitable for everyone, no matter what the age. Pearl cufflinks for the men. Pearl necklaces for the ladies. Pearl earrings for the girls. Pearl bracelets for the friends. Pearls are the oldest gem... Continue Reading →

People and Pearls

Every year we see a feast of pearls gracing the Red Carpet, TV, Film and the High Street. Pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces, pearl rings, pearl accessories and even celebrity pearl encrusted faces...Lady Gaga! What is it about Pearls that lure people into wearing them? Why have Pearls never gone out of fashion? How... Continue Reading →

Pearls of Wisdom!

The word on the street? .... PEARLS! We are thrilled to hear so many people talking about pearls, but are all the tales true? Does sand really play a part in pearl production? Are pearls really made from the tears of Gods? How many layers of nacre does a cultured pearl have? Did Cleopatra's pearl... Continue Reading →

Pearls…what more do you need?!

Pearls , Pearls , Pearls! Pearls are timeless. Pearls are elegant. Pearls are an aphrodisiac. Pearls are Perfection! Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we are passionate about finding the perfect pearls for you. Our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, is full of stunning pearl designs. From the timeless classic Akoya... Continue Reading →

Are you Ready?!

This weekend looks to be anything but relaxed! What with the Wimbledon and Henley finals. How are you going to cope?! First things first, throw out the worry beads and put on those Pearls, you might as well look beautiful and stylish while coping with the intense competition unfolding on screen! Pearls are known for... Continue Reading →

Good morning Akoya Pearls!

Fancy yourself in PEARLS? Well get in line! Style leaders throughout history have been lusting after them. From Cleopatra to Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe to Anna Wintour! 'I keep a strand of pearls in my purse, and throw them on whenever I need to dress up my outfit.' - Taylor Swift When you think of... Continue Reading →

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