New Year…New You?

Happy New Year!
How are all the New Year resolutions going, going, gone?!
Well to help you take your mind off the ‘New Year List’ I thought I’d let you know a fantastic beauty secret that will transform your look.
WIDE ss row
If you haven’t guessed yet…I’m talking about Pearls!

Coleman Douglas Pearls

Throughout history men and women from all walks of life have desired pearls. Symbolising purity, beauty, wisdom and wealth, pearls were the ultimate status symbol.

Cleopatra, in a bid to demonstrate that Egypt possessed a heritage and wealth which put it beyond conquest, is recorded to have waged Marc Anthony that she could consume the entire wealth of a country in a single meal and is said to have consumed one of her magnificent pearl earrings in the process,…please do not try this at home!

Fortunately we have not heard of many people consuming their pearls lately, thank goodness, but we have seen pearls taking more of a front seat on the Red Carpet, at Royal Events and on the Catwalk.

What is it that makes pearls so alluring?

WHJoy of Life ea 18ct Y goldPerhaps it is their mysterious deep lustre that draws you in? Or maybe their timeless appeal?
Then again maybe it is that fact that pearls enhance the beauty of their wearer!
How do they do this? A pearl is made up of many layers of nacre. When light touches a pearl it gets refracted around the layers before being reflected out, giving a soft up light onto the face above…genius!

Puck 3
Fancy some pearl jewellery of your own? Our Pearl Center is full of a wide variety of pearl designs, ranging from the Twin-set and Pearl look to the leather and pearl ‘Warrior’ style.

This year whatever you’ve decided to give or take up, make sure you do it in style…pearl style!

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