Sparkling Sapphire

S Sapp
Stunning September Sapphires! Coleman Douglas Pearls love a good bit of mid month alliteration! During the Medieval Ages, European lapidaries started calling blue corundum crystal “sapphire”, a derivative of the Latin word for blue: “sapphirus”. Despite the reasoning behind the name, this stone is actually so much more than the traditional shades of blue. Yes, blue sets off pearls beautifully, from White South Sea pearls through to Tahitian pearls, with the palest cornflower hues to deep Kashimir blues, all matching elegantly with pearls. However, sapphire is the popular name given to the mineral corundum which actually comes in a full rainbow of colours.

IMG_4285aeThe word sapphire without a prefix, implies blue only. Sapphires of all other colors are assigned a color prefix (Green Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire etc) or are collectively termed fancy sapphires. If the color is red, it is a “ruby.” Like ruby the most important factor to consider when looking at sapphires of any colour is their hue.
A strong colour is desirable, not too pale and not too dark, with inclusion being not as important in comparison. You can often see colour zoning in sapphires where bands of colour are stronger in some places in the stone than others.

star sapphireAsterism or the “star effect” is a reflection effect that appears as two or more intersecting bands of light across the surface of a gem.  Asterism in sapphires is due to reflections from multitudes of exsolved needle inclusions (silk), which in most varieties consist of rutile and/or hematite. Asterism is rare with the largest star sapphire weighing 1,404.49 carats and would cost you around $300million. So not much then…

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Famous sapphires include the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, formerly belonging to Princess Diana.
Here at our pearl jewellery store we also have a selection of sapphire rings, either for you to give to the ‘Kate’ in your life, or if you just fancy a treat as its Monday! We are open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 7pm so please pop in and have a look.

Back to School!

ea1648Blk+Aqoriginal white background
The final throws of summer holidays are upon us but back to school needn’t mean doom and gloom! Coleman Douglas Pearls are trying desperately hard to not get carried away buying all the fabulous stationary in the shops . . . . We will have to settle for our colourful pearls instead of pens!

pearl alice band back to school blogA new school year was the perfect chance for a new look when we were young, but why should the kids have all the fun?! The Autumn/Winter 16 trends were so varied there was the perfect look for everyone. Firstly, ‘alice bands’ are no longer for just your daughters! Embrace the easy elegance like Kate and the rest of the ‘fashion’ pack and banish those pesky kirby grips to the bathroom cabinet and wear our pearl tiara instead of a boring black number.

Cinderella 4

vogue autumn trends waterproofNext to be dug out of the wardrobe and reinvented is the waterproof jacket. Catwalks rarely combine fashion with comfort and practicality so make the most of this sporty trend this winter! Either dig out your “retro” waterproof (remember the one you bought years ago for it to be banished under the stairs…) or invest in a brightly coloured new one to chase away the grey. Here’s to looking forward to a winter downpour that doesn’t end in your umbrella turning inside out!

And if all else fails back to school means that you no longer have to think up increasingly more difficult ways to entertain the children. With all your time back you may be looking for some me time so pop on down to our pearl jewellery store! We have put the coffee machine ON in anticipation . . . .



Rio Olympics 2016

rio 2016The Olympics have arrived!! Four years after London hosted the 2012 (cough “best” cough) games, all of us here at Coleman Douglas Pearls can’t believe its four years later and are ready for the Rio party! After watching the amazing opening ceremony we couldn’t help but keep our eyes peeled to see a few of the athletes rocking their pearls!

Jessica eniis and missy franklin

Hopefully emulating some of their 2012 success are GB heptathlete Jessica Ennis Hill (who chose pearls for her wedding day) and USA swimmer Missy Franklin who is rarely seen without her pearl studs – even when in the pool! And with Brazil being the birthplace of many a top model (especially Gisele strutting her stuff at the opening ceremony!)  it is likely Rio will be one of the most fashionable Olympics ever! We will have our fingers crossed that pearls will be winning gold more than once!

Beach East 3If your looking for a sociable way to enjoy the Olympics why not try BeachEast at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The largest urban beach in the UK is returning with a Copacabana feel! As one of TeamGB’s official fan zones they will be broadcasting live coverage of the games and offering you a chance to take part in some of the sports that the athletes are competing in.


The party atmosphere also got us thinking – what pearls would you wear to the Brazilian fiesta? This south sea and tourmaline necklace has to be worth considering, with its bright colours and happy pearl drop you can’t go wrong wearing this to samba the night away.

Royal Ascot fashion and summer events

Kate ascot greenHats off to the glamorous ladies braving our typical British summertime weather this week at Royal Ascot. Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have been feeling your pain as images of gallant gentlemen have been carrying their female companions across puddles the size of ponds. However the sun will always shine on our glamorous Duchess Kate! Making her Royal Ascot debut in her usual elegant style so of course she was wearing pearls to finish off her outfit . . . find a similar look with our diamond leaf and south sea pearl earrings.

large hatEvery year the bar is raised in the hat stakes at Royal Ascot with two clear divisions occurring. Ladies are either taking the understated look (as modelled by Kate) OR they go for the extravagent, more is more, statement hat approach! This lady’s bright red hat come golf umbrella gets our pearl team’s vote as the best “out there” hat of the week.

wimble+hrr Pearls are set to be the fashion look of the summer (as we hoped after the spring fashion weeks!) and they are the perfect accessory for all you summer events. Whether you go for a stylish finishing pearl touch or a large statement pearl piece we have the look for you at our pearl jewellery store in beauchamp place, London. With Wimbledon and Henley Royal Regatta on our doorsteps here are a few pieces that will take you to any event this summer!

These pearl earrings will cover you from daytime casual, afternoon tea to full on evening glamour:

ascot ea

A pearl necklace is the perfect addition to any summer neckline, perhaps one of these will catch your eye . . . .

ascot NE

And if your outfit has too much drama already round your face and neckline we always have the perfect pearl bracelet for your look:


ascot brCome by and see us for some fun this summer!


The Queen turns 90 (again)!

The Queen 90With the Queen’s Official Birthday celebrations just around the corner, all of us here at Coleman Douglas Pearls want wish the Queen a very Happy Birthday (again)! This did get us all thinking however, what do you get the girl who has it all?! Over the years the queen has received a wide variety of gifts from the very generous to the bizarre.

Kate weddingOne of the more significant presents that the Queen received was the Cartier Halo Tiara – the same tiara that The Duchess of Cambridge wore on her wedding day. It is gorgeous and has a lovely family history to go with it. Three weeks before he was to become King, the then Duke of York went to Garrard to buy his wife a tiara (as you do). After the surprise abdication of his brother, the Duke of York became George VI. A few years later he and his wife Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother gifted that very tiara to our current Queen on her 18th birthday after which she wore it often.

queens horseAnother treasured gift came in a slightly more unusual form – Burmese the horse! As the Queen is well known for her love of horses, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police gave her Burmese as a present which was ridden by Her Majesty at the Trooping of the Colour from 1969 to 1986. As well as horses the queen has also received beavers, sloths and even an elephant.

When it emerged that after struggling to think of a present, the Duchess of Cambridge made The Queen some homemade chutney for Christmas, we put together some slightly more glamorous birthday ideas for the Queen in your life. We all know the Queen loves her pearl earrings and these South Sea pearls would put a smile on any girls face. You can never go wrong with a classic strand of pearls, and this tiara would make any little princess’s day!


Queen at 90 gifts

Mario Testino + CDP = VOGUE

Vogue. June16. front cover low
The new issue of VOGUE is out and to mark their 100th year anniversary they have published this special issue that celebrates the faces and fashions of a century.
Why do we feel you should take a good look at this magazine?
Perhaps it is because Coleman Douglas Pearl jewellery is featured in the Mario Testino photoshoot!

Vogue. June16. shoot. low
Within the story ‘As Time Goes By’ styled by Lucinda Chambers, our large ‘Joy of Life’ freshwater pearl earrings and our double strand freshwater pearl necklace are featured.
joy of life large             Queen and Prince 3

This is not the first time that Mario Testino has used our pearl jewellery in his work, highlighting the fact that ‘…pearls are always appropriate’ – Jacqueline Kennedy.
Vogue Dec 2001

In 2001 Testino photographed the main fashion story for Vogue’s 95th year anniversary issue, where yet again our pearl jewellery was featured, but this time in a Georgian styled shoot.

In the image on the left you can see our multi-strand white freshwater pearl bracelet with oval centerpiece inspired by a family heirloom.
Vogue Press Card altered43

Now if you are beginning to think that pearls are just for classic shots then let me prove you wrong.
Here is the very first appearance of CDPearls in Vogue also styled by Lucinda Chambers and shot by Mario Testino – where the model is looking very edgy …still think pearls are just for the ‘Twin-set and Pearl’ look?!

Pearls are a mainstay and immune to the vagaries of fashion’ – Chrissie Douglas



Here Comes The Bride…

Will and Kate marriedThe cherry blossom is out marking the beginning of the Wedding season, and what better way to start, than with a little nod towards William and Kate on their 5 year anniversary… Congratulations, for last week!
5 years ago our London Pearl Company, like the rest of the world, watched as Kate ascended the steps of Westminster Abbey while Prince William nervously waited inside. The whole world swept up in the excitement and beauty of the day.
Are you a Bride planning your fairy-tail day? If so our Pearl Company have a few suggestions…
flower girl
Flower Girls:
Where would a Bride be without her girls?! And what better accessory for them then one of our freshwater seed pearl and felt flower necklaces. The felt flower comes in 2 other colours, fuchsia pink and moss green. Or perhaps one of our delicate freshwater pearl pendant necklaces on an optional length sterling silver chain?

‘Madeleine was a very happy bridesmaid who proudly told me ‘I love it and will wear it on my wedding day’.  Her mission in life that day was to arrange my train. You should have seen all four bridesmaids open there gifts and with great excitement put them on.’Patricia

cu1262 grey
Ushers and The Groom:
Have you been desperately trying to think what to give them? How about a pair of our freshwater pearl cufflinks or one of our freshwater pearl tie pins?

‘The boys all really loved their tie pins, they went down very well and Helen loved the diamond earrings and wore them down the aisle for the first time. Many thanks for all your help’ – Henry

Bride wearing CDP
The Bride:
We have a huge selection of bridal pearls perfect for your big day. Whether you choose pearl studs similar to the large classic pearl studs Angelina Jolie wore on her big day, or a pearl tiara like one of our CDP brides. Join us at our Pearl Showroom where we will help you find your dream jewellery.

‘My beautiful earrings have arrived. They really are stunning – thank you. Not only are they ideal for the big day but they are also classic enough to wear on a regular basis’ – Lisa

Whatever you choose, choose PEARLS

Garnet – The stone of regeneration and order

Garnet Quality FactorsWeek 4 of the New Year … well intended resolutions have slipped with the cold weather drawing in, instead of listening to the call of welcoming cafes with their tempting treats why not pop in and take a look at some of our stunning Pearl and Garnet jewellery at Coleman Douglas Pearls, Beauchamp Place London.

K Middleton ringDid you know garnet is the birthstone for January? Named after the Latin “Granate” meaning seed as it was said to resemble the seeds of a pomegranate. It is supposed to have regenerative and energizing properties as well as bringing order to your life – Perfect for keeping you on track! Most commonly it comes in a deep rich red colour but can also come in shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown, black and rarest of all blue.
Famous celebrities whose birthdays are in January include The Duchess of Cambridge, who owns a pearl and garnet ring believed to have been bought for her by Prince William as it combines both their birthstones (Pearl is the birthstone for June).

Nat Portman and garnetEven if your birthday is not January garnets are a stylish addition to any jewellery collection. We stock many designs including this garnet necklace similar in style to Natalie Portman’s stunning tassel earrings which she wore to collect her 2011 Oscar.
These warming colours are perfect for complementing winter complexions which is why they pair so well with pearls in our jewellery collections here at Coleman Douglas Pearls.garnet and SS prl

Pop into our Pearl Showroom for a visit and ask to look at our range of garnet and pearl jewellery.

We also offer a bespoke jewellery making service if you can’t find the design of your dreams.




The sun is out, the bells are ringing, the congregation are in their pews, and the Groom is waiting with nervous anticipation at the front of church to see his radiant Bride.
Slowly the music begins as the beauty dressed in all white/ivory floats towards her beaming husband to be, while gasps from the congregation and overheard mutterings about how beautiful she looks are heard…
The Wedding Begins!
Are you engaged to be married? Valentines 4Is your Wedding Pinterest board filled to the overflow with ideas?
Our Pearl Company have put together a selection of pearl treats that will look perfect with your wedding outfit, no matter what the style.

‘Pearls are the secret weapon when wanting to look elegantly understated.’ – Chrissie Douglas

1833EA diam huggiesEvery girl wants to feel like a Princess on her wedding day, so why not look like one too!
The Duchess of Cambridge highly favors her petite diamond huggies with detachable pearl drop, giving you several different styles in one.
Then again perhaps you would prefer to join Hollywood Royals wearing large classic pearl studs like Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney.

140 Akoya
Depending on the neckline of the dress you may desire a necklace to complete the look.
One of our most popular designs for weddings is our ‘Lace’ necklace which is made up of a multitude of white freshwater pearls woven together.
Prefer a pendant? Why not opt of our freshwater pearl drop pendant fixed onto a sterling silver optional length chain.

Christmas 2014 2Will you be having some flower girls? If you are we have the ideal pearl accessory for them…a ribbon and freshwater pearl spacer. The girls can wear them in their hair, as a necklace or bracelet.

Needing more jewellery ideas? Scroll through our London Pearl website where you’re certain to find the perfect accessories for your Big Day.

Our Pearl Company will be closed for 2 weeks starting Sunday 16th August till Tuesday 1st September. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Val. Wedding 2Come celebrate Valentine’s Day at Coleman Douglas Pearls where champagne will be flowing and pearl jewellery will be…ready to be purchased!
For several of you the word ‘LOVE’ is still a long way off from being declared, while others are shouting it from the rooftops with ‘The Big Day’ fast approaching.
If you are in the latter group this Blog is for you!

Val. WeddingMany of you will have seen the romantic comedy ’27 Dresses’, where Jane, played by Katherine Heigl, is a bridesmaid 27 times. All runs smoothly until she is asked to be a bridesmaid for her younger sister, who is marrying the man she secretly loves. Over the course of the film we find out that one of the most popular moments of a wedding is when the Groom sees his Bride for the first time floating down the aisle towards him.
So what are the essential ingredients in accentuating that ‘WOW’ factor?
The Jewellery and The Dress.

565. edited image
Pearls are the obvious choice for every wedding, and for good reason, symbolising wisdom, beauty, purity and wealth this timeless gem has been popular with Royals and Celebrities alike.

From classic single strand Akoya pearl necklaces to long statement pearl drop earrings, there is a style suitable for everyone.

.EA3183 SSprl
Fancy a bit of sparkle to accompany your pearl jewellery?

Our diamond studs with South Sea Pearl drops have been extremely popular with the team at Wedding Magazine, being featured in several of their latest issues. Another popular Bridal choice is our Freshwater pearl double strand necklace.

To see our full Bridal range, or to take advantage of our re-stringing and re-designing service, call into our Pearl Company, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX.
val. wedding 3
The Dress…where do you start? Detailed or plain, full or figure hugging, cream or ivory,…the list goes on. Fortunately the team at Suzanne Neville are here to help.
Located just across the road from our Pearl Showroom, the team will help you find the perfect dress to suit your figure, personality and wedding style. Oh and the added bonus it that you can also purchase your ‘Going Away’ outfit and Bridesmaid dresses there too!
Need another reason? Thought not!

Looking forward to seeing you soon…