The Queen turns 90 (again)!

The Queen 90With the Queen’s Official Birthday celebrations just around the corner, all of us here at Coleman Douglas Pearls want wish the Queen a very Happy Birthday (again)! This did get us all thinking however, what do you get the girl who has it all?! Over the years the queen has received a wide variety of gifts from the very generous to the bizarre.

Kate weddingOne of the more significant presents that the Queen received was the Cartier Halo Tiara – the same tiara that The Duchess of Cambridge wore on her wedding day. It is gorgeous and has a lovely family history to go with it. Three weeks before he was to become King, the then Duke of York went to Garrard to buy his wife a tiara (as you do). After the surprise abdication of his brother, the Duke of York became George VI. A few years later he and his wife Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother gifted that very tiara to our current Queen on her 18th birthday after which she wore it often.

queens horseAnother treasured gift came in a slightly more unusual form – Burmese the horse! As the Queen is well known for her love of horses, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police gave her Burmese as a present which was ridden by Her Majesty at the Trooping of the Colour from 1969 to 1986. As well as horses the queen has also received beavers, sloths and even an elephant.

When it emerged that after struggling to think of a present, the Duchess of Cambridge made The Queen some homemade chutney for Christmas, we put together some slightly more glamorous birthday ideas for the Queen in your life. We all know the Queen loves her pearl earrings and these South Sea pearls would put a smile on any girls face. You can never go wrong with a classic strand of pearls, and this tiara would make any little princess’s day!


Queen at 90 gifts

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