Pearl Month!

3226 ta website.1A new month means a new birthstone and this month it is the pearl – associated with faithfulness, loyalty & friendship. Pearls are formed from the protective reaction of an oyster or mussel to accidental or deliberate introduction of a foreign body into its organism. This reaction creates concentric layers of nacre which are deposited on the foreign body covering it completely. Nacre layers are very thin, translucent and reflect light, thus creating the pearls distinctive lustre.

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There are many different types of pearl including natural seawater and freshwater pearls and their cultured counterparts, you can also get imitation pearls. The main features of a pearl are shape, purity and lustre. Seawater pearls are produced in an oyster and can be either South Sea pearls originating in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and range in colour from white – gold or Tahitian pearls from Tahiti and Mexico, which come in a variety of colours but always with a grey overtone.

 FWLrg main image LargeFreshwater pearls are produced using a mussel as opposed to an oyster. Their colour naturally ranges from white to pink and peach. These pearls are farmed in sweet water and are mainly produced in China. Pearls are kept most lustrous when worn next to the skin and can be seriously affected by beauty products. It is best to apply all make up first, including perfume, then add the pearls after cleaning your hands. Fake tan and hairspray are also your pearls enemies! To clean your pearls just use a slightly damp, clean cloth and only use water.

mercy ministries br309Here at our Beauchamp Place pearl jewellery store we have a wide variety of all types of pearl for you to look at. If you are looking for a special gift we offer a personal shopper service and we can also re-design existing pieces.


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