PEARLS – Seawater vs Freshwater

Now that you know how a pearl is formed from our last Blog it is time to explore the provenance and difference between saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls. Saltwater pearls have their provenance in the PINTADINES Seawater pearl producing shellfish are not in fact oysters. Although for ease everyone has and will continue to call... Continue Reading →

Types of Pearls

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we understand that there is a lot of mystery behind pearls and how they are formed into beautiful pieces of jewellery, but there doesn’t need to be. It’s quite simple really. As you probably know, they are created by oysters and mussels. Oysters tend to only produce one pearl in... Continue Reading →

Pearl Month!

A new month means a new birthstone and this month it is the pearl - associated with faithfulness, loyalty & friendship. Pearls are formed from the protective reaction of an oyster or mussel to accidental or deliberate introduction of a foreign body into its organism. This reaction creates concentric layers of nacre which are deposited... Continue Reading →

Delicious September

Finally we have got through the summer and September is here with all her delicious oyster goodness! But before you dive into the oysters let our Pearl Company share a pearl of wisdom with you. Only eat oysters in months containing the letter 'R' in their names. For example September, October, November etc. ...It would... Continue Reading →


Many of you will have watched the James Bond films 'Man with the Golden gun' and 'Golden Eye'. But why, I hear you ask, is a Pearl Company dedicating a whole blog to them?! The clue is in the title...Gold. _______________________________GOLDEN PEARLS_____________________________ Did you know that you can find deep golden natural coloured pearls? Produced... Continue Reading →

Only $5.1 million!

So the big question is... what was sold for $5.1 million? A house, super car, gym palace? ...try a pearl necklace! The 4 strand grey natural saltwater pearl necklace was sold on Tuesday at the Christie's Jewels Sale setting yet another milestone auction price for a natural pearl necklace. One of our pearl company members was... Continue Reading →

Tantalising Tahitian Pearls

Intrigued by Tahitian Pearls? Well you should be. Naturally dark their colours range from grey to black and peacock green to aubergine. However, they can sometimes be very light in colour from white with grey overtones to yellow and pink. Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have Tahitian Pearl necklaces, Tahitian Pearl bracelets, Tahitian Pearl earrings, Tahitian Pearl... Continue Reading →

Akoya Pearls

This week we, Coleman Douglas Pearls, are looking at Akoya Pearls. How and where they are made, the colours they come in and where you can find the most beautiful Akoya Pearl necklaces, Pearl bracelets Pearl earrings Pearl accessories Akoya pearls are created by technicians implanting a spherical mother of pearl nucleus into the host... Continue Reading →

How well do you know your Pearls?

Do you really know your pearls? How your pearls were made? Where your pearls were made? Which type of oyster created them? It would be amazing if experts could extract DNA from your pearls without disrupting their value, with results that show how old they are, where they were made and which oyster produced them.... Continue Reading →

Autumnal Pearls?

The season is changing with vibrant reds, golds and bronzes appearing in the leaves. But how about adding some glorious autumnal colour to your wardrobe? ....Golden South Sea Pearls?! Golden South Sea Pearls are produced in gold lipped oysters that inhabit the waters of the Philippines New Guinea and Burma. The South Sea Pearl golden... Continue Reading →

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