Tantalising Tahitian Pearls

Coleman Douglas PearlsIntrigued by Tahitian Pearls?
Well you should be. Naturally dark their colours range from grey to black and peacock green to aubergine. However, they can sometimes be very light in colour from white with grey overtones to yellow and pink.
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have Tahitian Pearl necklacesTahitian Pearl braceletsTahitian Pearl earringsTahitian Pearl rings and many other Tahitian Pearl accessories.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Tahitian Pearls are made by inserting a mother of pearl bead, the nucleus, into a black lipped oyster. These particular oysters are found in Panama, Mexico and Tahiti. Tahitian pearls are mainly 8-18mm in diameter, although they can grow to 21mm. To see a beautiful selection of these pearls call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX.

Coleman Douglas PearlsTahitian Pearls are the perfect pearls for all the ‘twinset and pearl a’fobes’ who want to still look elegant while retaining the edgy glamorous style.
We have several designs that use Tahitian Pearls alongside contrasting materials such as leather and metal.
Coleman Douglas Pearls

Our fabulous Tahitian Pearl drop earrings are the perfect example of how we have mixed materials together to create interesting, beautiful jewellery.
The light pink ribbon used in these earrings allows the Tahitian Pearls to sway while almost looking like they are floating, while the bead picks up the peacock colours of the Tahitian Pearls.

Coleman Douglas PearlsAs well as having a fabulous diverse collection of Tahitian Pearl designs, we also offer a Bespoke service. Make an appointment with our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, and start creating jewellery that you will wear for a lifetime.

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