Passion for Pearls

Natural Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Akoya Pearls and Freshwater Pearls.... do you know the difference? Come and join Chrissie on Wednesday 9th October at Fortnum & Mason, where an exclusive event entitled 'Passion for Pearls' is happening. Chrissie will guide you through the history of pearls, sharing her passion for the oldest gemstone... Continue Reading →

Pearls of Wisdom!

The word on the street? .... PEARLS! We are thrilled to hear so many people talking about pearls, but are all the tales true? Does sand really play a part in pearl production? Are pearls really made from the tears of Gods? How many layers of nacre does a cultured pearl have? Did Cleopatra's pearl... Continue Reading →

Scrumptious South Sea Pearls

Do you dream of owning a breathtaking South Sea Pearl necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings, or broach? If you do; then Coleman Douglas Pearls can help you out! We have the most amazing array of classic South Sea Pearl stands as well as new exciting pearl jewellery designs all awaiting you at our Pearl Showroom,... Continue Reading →

How to vary your style

Style leaders throughout the centuries have favoured pearls not only for their beauty but also their timeless appeal. In this months issue of Marie Claire our fabulous leather and Tahitian Pearl 'Warrior' bracelet is featured alongside a few other leather bracelets. The title of this article is, 'Rebel Belle - Get pretty in punk and... Continue Reading →

Schools Out!

The school holidays have begun and the social diaries are filling up, but there is still so much to be done before you go away on holiday. Let me help. Just think of the 3 'P's: P = Passport! P = Pack! P = Pearls! Now many of you will be thinking of leaving your... Continue Reading →

Hello Sun!

What a great summer we are having. The Queen's horse won The Gold Club at Ascot, Murray won Wimbledon and the sun is shinning! Looks like it is gold all the way! The perfect season for Golden South Sea Pearls, Citrine and of course 18ct yellow gold! Golden South Sea Pearls are mainly 9-16 mm... Continue Reading →

Are you Ready?!

This weekend looks to be anything but relaxed! What with the Wimbledon and Henley finals. How are you going to cope?! First things first, throw out the worry beads and put on those Pearls, you might as well look beautiful and stylish while coping with the intense competition unfolding on screen! Pearls are known for... Continue Reading →

What a Week!

If you like most of the nation have been glued to the tennis, willing our England hopefuls through each round, then how about a little 'half-time' Pearl break?! Just think of yourself as an oyster, relaxed on a rock in a beautiful sunny spot as water washes over you. Life as an oyster is so... Continue Reading →

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