Power Presents

Pearls of wonder, pearls of night Pearls with royal beauty bright Westward leading, still proceeding Guide us to thy Pearl Delight Struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for your Mum and Dad? If so help is at hand. For the 'Presents that parents will really use' follow the Jewish Chronicle and Luxury Topping Christmas... Continue Reading →

The Big 3

This weekend is all about the 'threes'. The finals of Wimbledon and Henley, and the start of the Tour de France. If you're into sport then you are in for a marathon! Just think you could cycle to the 3 events on your Boris Bike that has...3 gears! To get you through this tense weekend... Continue Reading →

Power dress for success!

Ever wondered why so many influential women wear pearls? Maybe it is the fact that they are a timeless classic gem that go with every and any outfit. Then again maybe it is something else... 'I feel undressed if I don't have my pearls on. My pearls are my security blanket.' - Lady Sarah Churchill... Continue Reading →

Easter Eggs…..Easter Pearls

'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips' - a saying that haunts us every time we reach for another bite of that delicious, mouth watering chocolate Egg! This year instead of purchasing chocolate eggs that will, let's be honest not last more than a day, choose pearls that will last forever! Take... Continue Reading →

Pearls for All

Have you completed all your Christmas Shopping? If not then do not panic as we at Coleman Douglas Pearls have several gift suggestions ideal for the whole family. Pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl earrings, pearl rings, pearl accessories...The world is your oyster! Timeless Classic Pearls: 'Pearls are the ultimate in understated elegance.' - Chrissie Douglas... Continue Reading →

Designed & Made in England!

When you think of England what springs to mind? The Queen, red buses, Big Ben, ...Pearls? ...Coleman Douglas Pearls?! All our pearl jewellery is designed and made in London at our Pearl Showroom. Come visit us and hear all about the inspiration behind each of our pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and pearl earrings. Did you... Continue Reading →

Sun, Smiles and South Sea Pearls!

The sun is out, most of the time, but how can you continue the summer glow when it is wet and slightly miserable? Well I'm happy to tell you that Pearls are the answer! As the light touches the pearl it gets refracted inside before being reflected back out. Therefore, if you are the lucky... Continue Reading →

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