Power Presents

duchess christmas 2Pearls of wonder, pearls of night
Pearls with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy Pearl Delight

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for your Mum and Dad? If so help is at hand.
For the ‘Presents that parents will really use’ follow the Jewish Chronicle and Luxury Topping Christmas Gift Guide ideas and choose our pearl jewellery.
Below are a few gift suggestions to get you started.

Ladies First…
lauren Balcall 3For the ‘Yummy Mummy’ our 3 strand freshwater pearl ‘Raindrop’ lariat is the obvious choice. Able to be worn in over 10 different ways, this lariat can be dressed up or down for any occasion. And it seems that Karl Lagerfeld likes lariats too, having featured several on the Chanel catwalk!

Duchess christams
Does she desire pearl earrings like the Duchess of Cambridge’s?

We have an almost identical pair of diamond ‘huggies’ with detachable cultured pearl drops.

Available in 18ct white and yellow gold, these earrings will look fantastic on all her royal tours and public commitments!

duchess christmas 1
More of an undercover ‘Wonder Woman’?
She’ll be needing some subtle cuffs then.

Our three strand moonstone and Tahitian pearl cuff would fit the bill perfectly, as it plays with the contrasting textures and colours of the pearls and semi-precious stones, as well as ‘packing an eye catching punch’ when worn.

For the man of the house…
cu1761Bored of those metallic ball cufflinks he wears everyday?
How about a pair of our Tahitian pearl cufflinks on sterling silver. The metallic colours of the Tahitian pearls, blue, green, purple, grey, would look fantastic next to an coloured shirt, making you stand out from the crowd.

Needing more ideas? --Christmas Present2 copy
Pop round to our Pearl Center where our Pearl Team will be able to help you.

Hark how the Pearls
Sweet lustrous pearls
all seem to say…give me away…

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