Pearl Month!

A new month means a new birthstone and this month it is the pearl - associated with faithfulness, loyalty & friendship. Pearls are formed from the protective reaction of an oyster or mussel to accidental or deliberate introduction of a foreign body into its organism. This reaction creates concentric layers of nacre which are deposited... Continue Reading →


Wimbledon, Henley...this month has certainly started with a competitive bang! But as it is a Saturday our Pearl Team thought we should take a break, kick back, relax, tuck into the strawberries and check out some of the fashions trends seen on court. 'Pearls have the ability to look perfect with anything from jeans to... Continue Reading →

Did you see ‘it’?!

We had waited almost 2 years to see 'it'. Families gathered around, the telephones were taken off the hook, emotions were all over the place... was Part 1 of what we call our Pearl Catalogue, I mean Miranda Hart! ...SUCH FUN! Aired on national TV on Thursday afternoon, part 1 of Miranda Hart brought... Continue Reading →

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