Wimbledon -2
Wimbledon, Henley…this month has certainly started with a competitive bang!
But as it is a Saturday our Pearl Team thought we should take a break, kick back, relax, tuck into the strawberries and check out some of the fashions trends seen on court.

Pearls have the ability to look perfect with anything from jeans to a red carpet dress.’ – Chrissie Douglas

What do Gabriella Sabatini, Jennifer Capriati, Monica Sales and Naomi Broady have in common, apart from being women and playing tennis?

Wimbledon -3
All of these ladies have worn pearl jewellery in their tennis matches, from 1985 to present day.
Now don’t get us wrong, we prefer ladies to take off their pearl earrings and pearl necklaces before a match so that their sweet doesn’t damage the pearls, but our Pearl Company does like to see the odd pearl gracing the Wimbledon winners arena…who wouldn’t!

EA354 grey
Do you fancy joining these ladies wearing pearls of wisdom?
Our freshwater pearl studs are the most popular with the sporting athletes as they do not distract from play. Available in a range of colours from White to Peacock Black, you are bound to find the colour that best suits yourself.

Wimbledon 5
Fun Facts:
– Did you know that the tennis balls used at Wimbledon used to be White?
Yellow tennis balls were only fully introduced into the tournament in 1986!

– There is a diamond encrusted tennis racket available to buy in Amsterdam!

Whatever you end up doing this weekend, watching tennis, the rowing, or perhaps relaxing in the park, the big questions on everybody’s lips is…

How do you eat your Strawberries?…

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