Woman in Gold…or should it be Pearls?!

Have you noticed the gem of choice in many of the recently released films? Our Pearl Team have. It's a PEARL PARTY! Let's focus on one film in particular, 'Woman in Gold'. Staring Helen Mirren as an octogenarian Jewish refugee, Maria Altmann, she takes on the Austrian government to recover the Klimt 1907 masterpiece, Portrait of... Continue Reading →


Have you seen our NEW website? If you haven't...you should! The cleaner site is easier to navigate, with several new pearl products available to purchase, as well as more information about our news and events coming up. Scroll through our pearl collections and check out the latest Editors Choice. Read about our history and find... Continue Reading →

BAFTA + our Pearls = WINNER

Last weekend we saw Helen Mirren win the BAFTA Fellowship award for her lifetime achievement in film, the highest honour the Academy can bestow. Having played many contrasting roles, such as Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Queen', to a Mossad agent in 'The Debt', where Mirren is on a secret mission to capture and kill... Continue Reading →

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