FebruaryFabulous, Fresh and Free! 3 things that most people aspire to be.
Our Coleman Douglas Pearls London Team have been busy getting together the ingredients to help you on your way to a F.F.F February!
The 3 main ingredients?
Pearls, Acai Berries and Pearlspearls are doubly important which is why they have been included twice!

F.W 1920s NE
So why are pearls so important in making you feel Fabulous?
It’s all to do with light refraction. Have you ever noticed how a girl looks instantly brighter once a strand of pearls has been placed around her neck? This is down to the light refracting around the pearl before reflecting back out onto the wearers face… It’s the best kept beauty secret of all time! And let’s be honest, if you look great, you will feel FABULOUS!

‘I love the fact that the pearl lustre makes their wearer automatically look radiant.’ – Chrissie Douglas

February 2To feel Fresh you need to start on the inside, which is why we recommend the Acai berry.
(Ahh-sah-ee) is a Brazilian berry which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, and …it tastes delicious! Taking the frozen pulp of the acai berry, blend it with frozen fruits and coconut milk to make a huge bowl of scoopable, ice-cream-like consistency goodness. The perfect sweet craving treat that is not only healthy but also filling.

Titania warrior pic2
Now lets look at the Free factor…Free from Fashion Faux pas!
Pearls are a timeless gem that have been seen on numerous catwalks throughout the centuries, and are as popular now as they were in the time of Cleopatra, with celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Grace Jones, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Kate Perry, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Karl Lagerfeld and Pierce Brosnan to name but a few, all wearing pearls!

Pearls play the same role in women’s jewellery collections that the little black dress does in their wardrobes – it is the all-time classic.’ – Lucia van der Post. FT How To Spend It
Easter 4
So now you know how to attack February, have fun with it!


Many of you will have watched the James Bond films ‘Man with the Golden gun’ and ‘Golden Eye’. But why, I hear you ask, is a Pearl Company dedicating a whole blog to them?!
The clue is in the title…Gold.
_______________________________GOLDEN PEARLS_____________________________

South Sea Golden Pearl Strands2
577. South Sea prls and royals

Did you know that you can find deep golden natural coloured pearls?

Produced in gold lipped oysters that inhabit the waters of Indonesia, the Phillipines and Burma, Golden South Sea pearls range in size from 9 to 16mm in diameter.

The pearl’s colour all depends on the colour of the host oyster shell. Gold lipped oysters create pearls that range from a light golden hue to a deep orange golden hue.

Do you desire some Gold in your life?
Our Pearl Showroom, as well as having a golden interior, has a stunning selection of golden south sea pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Hyland and ObamaJoin the likes of Sarah Hyland and Michelle Obama who both love their golden pearls.
‘Modern Family’ actress Sarah Hyland, wore her golden south sea pearl and diamond necklace to the Golden Globes…a rather fitting occasion for golden pearls! While Michelle Obama wore her 3 strand Tahitian and South Sea pearl necklace to a conference.

Golden S.S prl ring
So the big questions is…where will you wear yours?

‘The best things in life are free. The second best are the most expensive!’ – Coco Chanel

The Accessory of Desire

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Every season the fashionistas are on the prowl for “the” NEW look.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…the cycle never ends!
But what if I was to tell you that there is an accessory that will always fit the trend….

Year after year, century after century, pearls have always retained their popularity.

Pearls are a mainstay and immune to the vagaries of fashion’ – Chrissie Douglas
Olivia Palermo wearing pearls
In Roman times the popularity of pearls became such a problem that Caesar was petitioned to decree that only women of the highest rank should be allowed to wear them.

More recent celebrities who love pearls are, Olivia Palermo, seen here wearing her Tahitian pearl studs to the 31st Annual Fashion Group International Night of Stars in New York, Rihanna, spotted a few days ago wearing her pearl earrings, and Michelle Obama, who is hardly ever seen without her classic pearl necklaces and earrings.

caramel and spice NE3215
More of a rebel like Sam Fox? If so then our pearls with attitude Autumn/Winter collection ‘Caramel and Spice’ was made for you!

Reflecting the rich autumnal colours and the rugged distressed look of nature, this collection combines metallic coloured Tahitian pearls and peacock black Freshwater pearls with the warm hues of golden Amber and distressed leather.

Made up of pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl cuffs there is something for everyone.

To view more of our pearl collections call into our London Pearl showroom located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX.
Caramel and Spice NE3213.5


New Website 1
Have you seen our NEW website? If you haven’t…you should!
The cleaner site is easier to navigate, with several new pearl products available to purchase, as well as more information about our news and events coming up.
Scroll through our pearl collections and check out the latest Editors Choice. Read about our history and find out about the different types of pearls available.

Website 2
Yet more exciting news to shout about…we have just received a large consignment of lustrous, breath-taking, eye-catching…(you get the point!) South Sea and Tahitian Pearl strands and studs.
Angelina Jolie in tahitian pearlsJoin the likes of Angelina Jolie, wearing her Tahitian Pearls to a red-carpet event, or Emma Thompson, seen wearing her Tahitian pearl necklace and Tahitian Pearl studs in the film ‘Saving Mr Banks’.
The edgy metallic blues, greens, greys, purples and gold hues found in Tahitian Pearls are lovely alternative to the classic ‘white’ pearl necklace, adding drama to your outfit.
How about some Tahitian Pearl drops like the ones Helen Mirren wore in the film ‘The Debt’. These earrings can be worn as classic pearl studs or with the Tahitian Pearl drop attached, giving you the option of 2 looks.

michele obama ss prlsPrefer South Sea Pearls? Michele Obama does.
Check out her South Sea Pearl necklace in this image. Some might call the pearls ‘globes’!

We have a wide selection of South Sea Pearls ranging from perfectly round to baroque, white to gold, and long rope necklace to short chokers.
Call into our Pearl showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will help you choose the pearls to best suit you.

Celebrities and their Mums

Mothers Day familyPearls ARE for everyone!…Fact!
Pearl jewellery comes in a wide range of designs, from the timeless classic pearl studs to trendy tahitian pearl and leather cuffs.

‘My relationship with jewellery all started with my grandmother’s pearls. She had fabulous pearl necklaces and pearl earrings and I thought they were super cool and very chic.’ – Miranda Kerr, Supermodel
Rihanna in pearls
There are many Mother Daughter duos that love wearing pearls even if their styles are very different, and you can’t get more opposite then Rihanna and her Mum!

Pictured here, Rihanna is wearing a multi-strand pearl choker with pearl rimmed sunglasses and an extra large pearl drop earring.
Quite a pearl statement!
mother rihanna mum
To present her daughter with the Icon Award at the American Music Awards, Rihanna’s Mum opts for the timeless classic pearl style to accompany her outfit. Keeping her accessories down to a minimum she chose to wear a pair of diamond and pearl drop earrings.

Want their look for you and your mum?
Call into our Pearl Showroom where we have a wide range of pearl jewellery perfect for everyone and every occasion.

Our second Mother Michelle ObamaDaughter duo is Michelle Obama and her eldest daughter, Malia.

In most images of Michelle she is wearing a large single strand pearl necklace. However as you can see from this picture the single pearl strand necklace was left at home in favour of this extra large multi-strand pearl necklace with equally large pearl stud earrings.

Lady Sarah Churchill famously said, ‘My pearls are my security blanket’, and it seems that statement might also be true of Michelle’s pearls!

Malia Obama

Malia Obama has a subtler pearl style. Seen here with her father she opts for delicate pearl studs to accompany her white summer dress, enhancing her feminine, playful style.

It seems no matter what your job is, Global Pop star or First Lady, Pearls are always suitable.

We at Coleman Douglas Pearls would like to wish all the Mummy’s out there a Very Happy Mother’s Day.