How to give pearls for Valentines Day

Are you planning a surprise gift for your wife or girlfriend this Valentines Day? What gift can show romance & love like pearls – a symbol through the ages of wisdom, beauty, wealth & style.

Like the little black dress, every girl should own some pearls – they can be dressed up or down for different occasions, but will always enhance the natural beauty of the wearer because of their glow, or lustre.

Unlike the bling of diamonds, pearls subtly enhance beauty – think of images of style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel and you will see they are wearing pearls. What girl wouldn’t want to ooze the style and class of these ladies!

How to buy her pearls as a surprise gift:

If she doesn’t already own any pearls, a simple white strand is the best place to start. From a simple freshwaterpearl strand (from around £100) to a decadent row of South Sea pearls (expect to pay between £2-5,000). To read about the diferent types of pearl, see

When going to a pearl specialist to choose her pearls you will need to take the following information to make sure she receives the pearls best suited to her:
 – eye colour
 – dress size
 – does she tan well or have pale skin?
 – what colours does she like wearing?

Having the pearls gift wrapped in the store will not only save you time, but she will also love the thrill of being presented with a beautifully wrapped gift, and the anticipation of opening it.

This year Valentines day falls on a Sunday, so there’s no need to rush off to work. Why not present her gift on a tray with breakfast in bed, or think of other creative & romantic ways to present her pearls – inside a box of choclates, make a treasure hunt around the house with the gift at the end…

Pearls love to go out and have fun – they dry up if left in a box or are unworn for long periods of time. What an excuse to take her out for lunch, or for a long country walk . Even if she is wrapped up she will feel special wearing a little luxury by her skin.

If you’d like help choosing some pearls, Coleman Douglas are pearl experts and can help you find pearls that best suit your girl and your budget. From pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet through to the most luxurious combination of pearls and precious stones. All Coleman Douglas pearls come in an elegant presentation box, and can be beautifully gift wrapped in the Knightsbridge store free of charge.

If you already know what you are looking for, then you may want to buy your pearls online –

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