Get Livia’s Look

Livia Firth has set herself a challenge – ‘The Green Carpet Challenge‘ – to wear only sustainable, ethical or eco outfits to all the awards ceremonies this season.

This season she accompanies her husband, actor Colin Firth, to all the ceremonies where he has been nominated numerous times for Best Actor for his role in Tom Ford’s A Single Man. True to her passions for design and sustainability (as found in her shop Eco-Age in Chiswick) she is setting out to be gorgeously dressed in top-to-toe green glamour for all of the events, and will be sharing her research and each of the outfits on her blog on

Following on from the Golden Globes where she wore an ‘upcycled’ couture wedding dress, at the SAG’s even Kate Hudson commented on how amazing she looked in her milk- (yes, milk) fibre dress.

Completing the outfit were a pair of Stella McCartney platforms and bag and vintage Valentino pearl bracelet.

Rather than travelling all the way to LA to source your outfit, you can get the look in the UK with this multi-strand freshwater pearl bracelet from Coleman Douglas Pearls London. Available from the Knightsbridge store or call 0207 373 3369

For a more affordable option, try the 5 strand droplet pearl bracelet

Pearls will only develop in the cleanest water, so farmers make sure their water stays clear and unpolluted to culture the best pearls. Freshwater pearls are made by mussels, with each mussel making up to 60 pearls in a lifetime, so one the pearls has been extracted the mussel can go back to the water with no harm done.

For more information visit

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