Mad Men pearl glamour

We love ‘Mad Men‘, mostly for the fashion – set as 1950’s glamour was developing into the modern cuts of swinging 60’s. The costume designers have really captured this era, but with the modern cuts that bring the look right up to date.

January Jones’ character Betty Draper pulls off the classic look with a twist of modern day glamour.

Betty obviously wears pearls to enhance her natural beauty, and carries them off with the multitude of outfits she wears for everyday and occasions; From her ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ -style evening look to her tailored dresses for daily lunches and shopping – the 1950’s woman was always dressed to impress.

Get the look:

For a Betty Draper inspired necklace that can be worn daily to dress up a casual outfit without looking over the top, try the Pink Swirl necklace, a multi-strand of droplet pearls, amethyst, garnet and rose quartz.

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