Birthstones: February – Amethyst

Legend has it that the amethyst comes from the story of a young girl who was about to be attached by tigers, but was turned into crystal to save her from this fate. The Greek god Bacchus then poured grape juice over her in sadness, turning her a deep purple colour.

The tones of amethyst can vary from a pale lilac to a deep purple, so can suit both pale and dark skin tones.

Here is a pick of our favourite amethyst pieces, from affordable freshwater earrings to more exclusive rings:

The ‘Twinking lights’ earrings come in both short and long with the combination of black freshwater pearls andamethyst – £115 and £108

This long necklace combines the unusual ‘M&M’ shaped freshwater pearl with amethyst & rock crystal. A long necklace can be worn in many ways, and so has the flexibility of being a long casual look or wrapped round the neck to create a more formal multi-strand look. £572

Amethysts look striking with dark pearls as the light enhances them both. For the dramatic combination, Tahitian pearls and diamonds create a luxurious finish. Earrings – £1650 and ring £3633

All available from Coleman Douglas Pearls

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