Barely there pearls

We are very happy that the ‘nude’ trend is big this season, not only because the peach coloured pearl is a natural pearl colour, but also because of the role that pearls should play when you wear them.

The best pearl necklace doesn’t demand attention, but subtly enhances your beauty, gently reflecting light onto your face and making you look radient (even after a few to many the night before!).

So along with the chiffons and light fabrics this season which draw attention to your figure and suggest at the hidden beauty, your pearls should play a similar role.

But of course you still need to make sure your accessories blend with your outfit, and so here is a selection of our favourites of the nudes available from CDPearls:

This ‘Grace Kelly’ style necklace is a classic look with the three strands worn concentric – great for formal events or occasions.

It can also be worn twisted for a more casual look – perfect! Two looks for the price of one…

It also comes in white and grey pearls which fit pefectly with this seasons colours

The rock crystal and rose quartz drops on this necklace play a similar role to the sheer and chiffon panels in the catwalk dresses for s/s 2010, allowing a glimpse through to the skin below, empahsising the body, not the necklace…

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