Pearls of wisdom ?

The phrase “Pearls of Wisdom” usually precedes advice of almost any type whether requested or not. This catchphrase has been popular for centuries as historically pearls have been a symbol of wisdom, purity and wealth since Roman times.

It is easy to understand why pearls are synonymous with purity, as they are the only gem that comes to you in the state that nature intended it to be.

How do you use the word “pearl”? Some of our favourites are the way in which pearls are used to describe beauty, style, individuality and elegance.

Have you heard of any popular or unusual uses of the word “Pearl”? We would love to hear your thoughts, leave us a comment below or tweet us @cdpearls

We would like to leave you with a You Tube clip entitled Rubies and Pearls from Mercy Ministries. It so moved us that would like to give  50% of all Website sales achieved in the month of July to Mercy Ministries UK

Have a wonderful Summer

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