What is it about Pearls ?

They are alluring Tahitian and South Sea Pearl necklaces and “soberly elegant”, they are mysterious and classic at the same time, they are chic and exotic in the same breath.

Pearls are also the perfect accessory as they  complete every wardrobe, from the  ubiquitous “casual elegance”  look,  the fresh graduation look,  the complete bridal look, the “power dressing” look to the “fully armed and ready for any business meeting” look.

Pearls are the purest gem that can ever adorn a human, they have impeccable ethical credentials  – as they come to you almost as God created them to be, beautiful in their radiant simplicity.  Their existence is dependent on non polluted waters; hence many of the most eco friendly and environmentally aware advocates for a greener earth are pearl farmers themselves.

Pollution affects water dramatically; as Kristine Stratton, the executive director of the Waterkeeper Alliance, so succinctly puts it at the recent Waterkeeper conference held in La Paz, Mexico, once a well known source of natural pearls. Ms Stratton comments regarding the latest climate change negotiations. “The focus is on reducing carbon dioxide….. We’re forgetting to consider that the effects of climate are all related to water… Reducing greenhouse gases is important, but when we talk about climate, we must also talk about water.”   Let’s make every effort to keep nature as it was created, pure and beautiful.

What do YOU love about pearls ?

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