Valuing uniqueness

At Coleman Douglas we appreciate each woman’s unique beauty and take pride in personally matching her colouring to find the perfect pearls to match her individual style. Each pearl has a unique shape and colour which echoes a womans beauty.

A charity close to our hearts is Mercy Ministries, who also value the uniqueness of each woman. Mercy Ministries transforms the lives of young women who are struggling with physical and emotional issues such as eating disorders, self harm, depression or abuse, to bring them to a place of restoration and discovering purpose for their lives. Each woman is accepted on a 6 month residential programme free of charge and is entirely funded by donations.

To us and Mercy Ministries the phrase ‘Her value is far above rubies and pearls’ really rings true.

We are so excited about the launch of our new website and so impressed by the effect that Mercy Ministries is having on so many lives that we are celebrating both by donating 50% of the value of all website orders in July to Mercy Ministries UK.

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