The Powerful effect of Statement Jewellery

Well chosen pearl jewellery has a powerful effect on how you look and how you walk into any room.

When you wear a piece of pearl jewellery you love, you tend to throw your shoulders back and walk with more confidence, feeling sophisticated and ready for most challenges.

Grey pearl statement jewellery will compliment all the new autumn colours: deep olive, warm pink orange, and dove or seal greys.

Jewellery is a powerful accessory, both in the message of the image it conveys and in how it can make an individual feel about herself. Pearls enhance the beauty of the wearer, what a blessing it is, that a beautiful pearl necklace can inspire one to feel more confident, and that its placement on the body can cause one to stand a little taller.

Thank you to all those who have supported our July website sales campaign, we shall be sending Mercy Ministries who help women regain their confidence a nice cheque this afternoon.

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