Courses that Enhance your Life

The current  October Issue of Glamour has an article entitled “These PERFECT couples all have a secret…”  It explores ways to help with endometriosis and fertility, mental illness , depression and debt.   It is so refreshing to read that there are great solutions to these situations.

As we read this article our very own designer Christianne Douglas commented on a course she did which she  highly recommends,  it is the Marriage Course –  A great tool for any married or co-habiting couple whether they are in a “great place” in their relationship  or a bit of a rocky patch. “This course was a real blessing to me and my husband, it is SO PRACTICAL, full of great advice,  in places it really makes you chuckle and in other places it helps to stimulate discussions which are crucial, but so often left to one side.  I cannot recommend it highly enough! “

This article also happens to features several single strand pearl necklaces, our mainstay multiple strand pearl necklace and our WOW factor pearl earrings.

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