Countdown has started !

We are 6 days away from the Pink Wellie and Pearl Auction at our shop in 42 Beauchamp Place at 7pm. To wear one is to guarantee a smile on your face as you walk though wet and windy weather ! links to the Guardian, Retail Jeweller and our own website.  Sizes available range from twinkletoes  size 4 to a steady size 8.  To place your bid call 020 7373 3369. All proceeds to go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  Sue Johnston and Anna Chancellor are proudly backing this initiative.

To accessorise  your wear it pink outfit we suggest our sumptuous classic pearl three strand necklace and matching triple drop pearl earrings.

We have also been highlighted in the latest Country Life magazine [20 Oct 2010 ] in ” Pearls are still a girl’s best friend” by  Vivienne Becker  in which Chrissie Douglas the designer for Coleman Douglas Pearls, is named as a trend setter and pearl specialist.

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