Proms and Pearls

Coleman Douglas Pearls
and Pearls go together like cheese and wine.
It just makes sense!

Whether you have box, stall, chior or circle seating, pearls are a guarentee!

Several people fall into thinking that pearls are out of their price range and/or they don’t have enough ‘smart’ functions to wear them too. Well let me enlighten you!
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Firstly with our prices starting at £12.50 you are unlikely to ‘break the bank’.
Secondly here at CDP we have pearls for all occasions. From tea at the Ritz to walks in the countryside.

Pearls are the best kind of gem stone as they enhance rather than over power and out shine the owner.

Coleman Douglas PearlsIf you would like to find out more about pearls then why not book a place on one of our pearl talks. Chrissie Douglas, our pearl specialist, will take you on a fascinating journey from the oldest pearl bed recorded (Ptolemy 307 BC), to the modern day pearl industry. You will also get a chance to discover the differences between real and imitation pearls.

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