Rock Crystal

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Centuries ago Greek rock climbers spotted large transparent crystals glimmering from the rock face and mistook them for being un-melted ice. They were in fact Rock Crystals.

Rock Crystal is a clear transparent variety of Quartz.
When Quartz takes on a body colour, such as Purple, it is then called Amethyst. Similarly if the Quartz takes on a yellow body colour, it is called Citrine.

Rock Crystal is a popular gemstone combining a good hardness making it ideal to be worn every day, as well as looking extremely attractive.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
The nature of the stone allows light to pass through fully and so possesses a calm and tranquil feel. Rock Crystal can also encase a variety of inclusions within the stone that lead to spectacular and remarkable natural displays. Fine golden strands of a mineral called rutile can be encapsulated within Rock Crystal giving the appearance of angel’s hair running through the stone.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Despite the diverse nature of this stone it is extremely versatile and should play an essential role in every jewellery collection!

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