Romantic Rose …Quartz

Coleman Douglas PearlsIf you are looking for a gemstone that combines soft soothing pink shades and durability then Rose Quartz is the gem for you!
With its delicate and tender soft pinks it comes as no surprise that Rose Quartz is the most desirable of the Quartz family.

This feminine pink colour is caused by the presence of elements such as Titanium, Iron and Manganese being present within the gemstone. The finest stones originate from Minas Gerais in Brazil but other notable locations include India, Germany and Madagascar.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Rose Quartz is typically a cloudy pale pink but can also occur in nuances of stronger, more intense rosy pinks and subsequently its characteristic hazy appearance and soft colour has resulted in this gemstone being a favourite for romantics.

Coleman Douglas PearlsWith February 14th (Valentine’s Day) only a week away it’s time to think of gift ideas.
This year instead of going for the fall-back option of chocolates and flowers why not surprise your loved one with pearls?!

Check out our Valentine’s gift list on our website for possible ideas.

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