‘King of the Gemstones’…Ruby

Coleman Douglas PearlsThe colour red is typically associated with the most intense of emotions, such as love and passion, so it comes as no surprise that the precious gemstone Ruby has been one of the most historically significant gemstones throughout the ages.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Rubies are mentioned as early as in the Bible, in association with attributes such as beauty and wisdom, whilst early civilizations treasured rubies as they were believed to encapsulate the power of life.

Rubies, like Pearls, soon became one of the most sought after gemstones by Royal Families and nobility, adorning not only their bodies but also many of their other prized possessions.

So why are Rubies so popular?

Coleman Douglas PearlsRubies are not only beautiful, displaying vibrant nuances of fiery reds, oranges and purples, but are also extremely practical. Rubies are the red variety of a mineral called Corundum, whilst the blue variety is called Blue Sapphire. As Ruby and Sapphire have the hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness it is the second hardest gemstone after Diamond, making it ideal to be worn everyday for every occasion.

The desire for this fiery gemstone has not been extinguished, and is just as great today as it has always been.

One might say it is the perfect Valentine’s gemstone!!!

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