Pearls of Wisdom!

Coleman Douglas PearlsAs the new academic year begins we thought we would let you know of our fabulous student pearl offer.
This amazing offer enables you to buy one ribbon and freshwater Pearl spacer at £12.50 and get another one 50% off!
Our beautiful Satin and Freshwater Pearl spacers are also included in this offer and cost £19.50.
We have a huge selection of colours to choose from so please pop into our Pearl Showroom situated at 42 Beauchamp Place where you can see them all.

As well as the Coleman Douglas Pearlssatin and ribbon pearl spacers we also have stunning leather and freshwater pearl bracelets. This exciting contemporary collection has been hugely popular with clients of all ages. Made onsite by our talented stringer, she makes every bracelet slightly different allowing for a unique quality to run throughout the collection.

Coleman Douglas PearlsHowever, if your school has a strict jewellery policy then why not check out our simple timeless classic pearl studs, or if you prefer necklaces then how about one of our lustrous pearl pendants on sterling silver chains.

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