Great Sporting Britain!

Coleman Douglas PearlsThe Paralympics are only 4 days away!
After an extremely exciting couple of weeks with the Olympics the whole nation turns its eyes towards the stadium once again.

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we will continue to have the Olympic Torch in our front window which has been kindly lent to us by one of our lovely clients, nominated to run with The Torch for all the fundraising she has done for Epilepsy Action.

To say thank you to her we have decided to donate 10% of all our website sales to Epilepsy Action while we have The Torch.

Please visit our Pearl website where you can see numerous stunning pearl designs. Our prices start at £20 on the website and £12.50 in our Pearl Shop, situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
If you support Epilepsy then why not wear the Epilepsy colour Purple in your jewellery?
On the right we have a stunning 7 strand amethyst and black freshwater pearl bracelet.
This statement piece transforms outfits while still holding onto the soft elements of the freshwater pearls.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
If you would prefer earrings then check out our fabulous long ‘Twinkling Light’ earrings in amethyst and black freshwater pearls.
If you already have some amethyst stones but are not using them, bring them in to our Pearl showroom and chat with our Designer, Chrissie Douglas, and let us make an item of jewellery that you will wear and treasure.

If you would like to donate more money to Epilepsy Action please click here

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