Go for Gold!

This week we are concentrating on the Golden Olympic ring.
We have numerous stunning golden designs ranging from small Akoya pearl studs to large multi-strand necklaces.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
The necklace on the left is made up of multiple strands of Citrine stones twisted together with 3 beautiful golden South Sea Pearls. The central South Sea Pearl has a delicate 18ct yellow gold swirl curling around it, it is a limited edition and only available at our shop in Beauchamp Place.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
If you would prefer a traditional golden South Sea Pearl strand then please pop down to our showroom where we have just received several new stunning golden strands for you to choose from.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
We also have a large selection of long and short golden earrings.
Our fabulous yellow 18ct gold and diamond huggies with stunning Citrine drops, shown on the left, are a jewellery box must have. By removing the Citrine drops you can transform the look from smart to casual in seconds.
We also do these huggies with South Sea Pearl drops and several other coloured gem stones.

Coleman Douglas PearlsTo brighten up your jackets, cardigans, dresses, why not pin on our exquisite South Sea Pearl and citrine Pin. Mounted on a detailed 18ct yellow gold pin this piece can be worn with and on anything.

If you would like to see more jewellery please pop into our shop situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London.

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