What’s Your Colour?

Coleman Douglas PearlsThere is such a huge variety of colour when it comes to pearls.
Pink pearls
Copper pearls
Black pearls
White pearls
Gold pearls
Dove Grey pearls
Peacock Black Pearls …etc.
For many when they think of Pearls they instantly think White. This isn’t wrong but they are missing out of a feast of other pearl colours.

Here at Coleman DouglColeman Douglas Pearlsas Pearls we think it is essential for you to pick the right colour for you.

White isn’t always best!

Pearls should enhance the wearers beauty by bouncing light off their surface onto the face above.
In every situation you want to see the Lady first and then the stunning Coleman Douglas Pearls creation ! Therefore you have/need to match the pearls to the girl rather than the girl to the pearls.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
If you prefer more colour and suit the dark tones of Tahitian Pearls then the necklace on the left is for you.
Made with Tahitian Pearls, sparkling faceted Tourmalines and finished with a beautiful 3 strand tassel and signature clasp this necklace is perfect for dressing up and down.
If you’re a South Sea Pearl girl then the necklace below might just be for you.Coleman Douglas Pearls

Again using 3 strands of sparkling faceted Tourmalines and 3 tassels with 3 stunning lustrous South Sea pearls, this necklace is sure to brighten up your outfit.

As well as offering a huge variety of exciting designs we also provide a highly commended bespoke service .
If you would like a “one of a kind” jewellery design please book an appointment with our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, and get creative!

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