Brides + Pearls = The Perfect Combination!

Throughout history Pearls have been adorning the style leaders of their time. Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we can help you discover the pearls of your dreams! From ‘Classical Romance’ Pearls to ‘High Fashion’ Pearls we have the Pearls for everyone.

Coleman Douglas PearlsWhen it comes to your Wedding you want to look your best, but how can you achieve this while still looking natural and not ‘breaking the bank’?
The answer is PEARLS!
Ever wondered why every time you see a girl wearing natural or cultured pearls she is glowing? It is because of the light being refracted into the pearls and then reflected out onto the wearer, giving her a soft, warm uplift of light onto her face.

Our Coleman Douglas Pearls‘Joy of Life’ white Freshwater Pearl drop earrings are the perfect addition to every wedding dress. As you walk down the aisle the freshwater pearl drop will delicately sway. These earrings also come on sterling silver.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
How about this fine double strand Freshwater Pearl necklace? Made up of white freshwater seed pearls with a fixed pearl drop in the center finished off with our secure signature pearl clasp.
The length of this necklace can be altered by applying more twists to the strands.Coleman Douglas Pearls

To accompany the necklace we have this delicate white pearl bracelet. Using white freshwater seed pearls with white Biwa pearl accents, the bracelet adds a little detail to your wrists without taking the focus from your face.

To see more pearl designs pop into our Pearl Showroom situated at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will be happy to help.

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