Purchasing Pearls?

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we are passionate about finding the perfect pearls for every girl. When choosing which cultured pearls you would like, be it South Sea Pearls , Tahitian Pearls , Akoya Pearls or Freshwater Pearls, there are 6 main points to look out for.

Coleman Douglas PearlsLUSTRE:
Lustre is the most important element when purchasing pearls as it is this that will light up the wearer’s face making her ‘glow’.
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we only pick high lustre pearls to go into our designs.

When looking at a good pearl you should never see any dull areas or see the pearl ‘blinking’ at you, if it does then that is a sign that the nacre coating is far too thin. The thicker the nacre the longer the pearls will last!

Most people think the whiter the pearls the better. This is all very well as long as you suit bright white pearls! Coleman Douglas Pearls

Pearls come in a huge variety of shapes so take care when purchasing your pearls that you choose the shape that looks best on you.

A few little marks give the pearls the ‘hallmark’ of genuineness, but watch out for the very blemished pearls as they have far less value.

You need to consider your height and build.
Large pearls will swamp a petite girl, whereas a tiny single strand of pearls would look lost on a very tall, broad girl.

If you would like more information on pearls come along to one of our Pearl Talks. Our Pearl Specialist and Designer, Chrissie Douglas, will take you through the history of pearls, how they are made, how to tell if it is a genuine pearl as well as much, much more. Do remember to book a place for these talks as space is limited.

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